The Ibex District, Millard County, Utah

Here's a panorama to the southern end of the Barn Hills, depicting the exact spot for which the world-famous Ibex District was named--a regional Millard County locale that also includes incomparable Fossil Mountain; the white lettering "IBEX" is the site originally named for a European wild goat by English immigrant Jack Watson, who established a post office there in the 1890s on property he homesteaded. The green "brushes" in lower part of image are in fact juniper trees. Geologic rock formations in view include the middle Ordovician Eureka Quartzite and the upper Ordovician Ely Springs Dolomite, which yields many silicified corals and brachiopods.

I adapted and processed the photograph through photoshop from an image contained in the following publication: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir 98, The Great American Carbonate Bank: The Geology and Economic Resources of the Cambrian-Ordovician Sauk Megasequence of Laurentia. Edited by James Derby, Richard Fritz, Susan Longacre, William Morgan, and Charles Sternbach. Published January 20, 2013.

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