The Lost Burro Gap Fossil Locality, California

The view is roughly southward through Lost Burro Gap in Death Valley National Park, California--one of three superior occurrences of the much famous fossil-bearing Lower Mississippian Tin Mountain Formation discussed in the field trip text at my page In Search Of Fossils In The Tin Mountain Limestone, California: Two lie within Death Valley National Park, while a third resides on Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered public lands and is open for hobby collecting of reasonable amounts of common invertebrate fossils,

In the photograph, the paleontologically significant 358.9 to 350 million year-old Lower Mississippian Tin Mountain Limestone is the darker interval, to skyline, above the lighter-colored dolomites of the Middle to Upper Devonian Lost Burro Formation that extend to road level. The Tin Mountain here contains great quantities of colonial tabulate corals, colonial hexacorals, solitary horn rugose corals, brachiopods, bryozoans, and crinoids. Keep all that you find here only in a camera, of course. Photograph courtesy "Destination4x4."

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